• Sewer Facility Plans
  •  Lift Station Design
  •  Lagoon Design
  •  Wastewater Treatment Plant Design
  •  Collection System Design
  •  Directional Boring
  •  Grease Trap Design
  •  Septic Tank & Drainfield design
  •  SCADA Control System Assistance
  •  Plans, Specifications and Bid Documents
  •  Bidding Process
  •  Project Administration
  •  Construction Inspection

City of Granger

In 2012, Spink Engineering headed up a team of engineers to complete a Comprehensive Sewer Facility Plan.  This report included options and costs estimates for the upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant.


Spink Engineering secured the following funding for the City of Granger:

 Block Grant            $1,000,000
Ecology Grant        $1,246,000
Ecology Loan         $1,861,000
Total                         $4,107,000

WWTP Upgrade Included:

  •  New Headworks with fine screen, automatic sampler and flow meter
  •  New Selector Tank with mixers
  •  New Aeration Basin with two mixing rotors controlled by dissolved oxygen probe
  •  New Drying Beds
  •  New Automatic Backup Generator
  •  New Maintenance Shop
  •  New SCADA control system

Coordinated Project with:

  •  City of Granger
  •  Department of Ecology Central Regional Office
  •  Department of Ecology Headquarters
  •  US Corps of Engineers
  •  Washington Department of Natural Resources
  •  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  •  Washington Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation
  •  US Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  •  Yakima County
  •  Sunnyside Irrigation District
  •  Department of Commerce

 Tank & Basin Excavation

 Basin & Tank Construction

 Granger WWTP



City of Mesa

In 1980, City of Mesa utilized SE & EEE for an engineering report and design & construction of collection system, 2 lift stations and an evaporative lagoon system.

In 1996, Mesa used SE & EEE to complete an engineering report funded by a $24,000 CDBG Planning-Only Grant.

A subsequent upgrade project included lift station upgrade, lagoon lining, wetland construction and a hydro geology report.  SE attended bi-weekly council meeting to provide updates during planning, design & constructions phases.

Project Features

  • Coordination with public, City Council, Ecology, CDBG Staff & County
  • Design considered cost of long term operation & maintenance costs.
  • Lagoon Upgrade: remove bentonite liner and replace with HDPE liner.
  • Design of constructed wetland – used site specific data/climate to determine cost effective treatment & disposal methods.
  • Lift Station Upgrade: replace vacuum prime pumps with submersible pumps, install magnetic flow meter.

Design & Construction Funding

Franklin County                                 $310,500
CDBG Construction Grant              $560,000


Benton City

Construction of sewer collection system south of I-82 with lift station and river crossing on SR 225 bridge over Yakima river.

Project Features

  • Lift Station with fiber glass wet well.
  • Duplex submersible system.
  • Sewer force main crosses river on SR 225 Bridge.
  • Total Project Cost:  $885,000

Lift Station Wetwell

 Sewer Force Main Suspended on Bridge (Lower Pipe)


Upgrade existing lift station.

Project Features

• Removal of vacuum prime pump
• Install new duplex submersible system
• New Magnetic Flow Meter
• Total Project Cost $100,000

BEFORE: Vacuum Prime pump columns with holes AFTER: Submersible pumps with Stainless Steel rails.